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Shogen-Ryu (Matsubayashi Line) 

In 1947 Matsubayashi-Ryu was born and has thrived worldwide, in 1997 Shogen Ryu was born and our Shorin enjoyed a new beginning.   Master Kensei Taba, 10th Dan, Hanshi founded Shogen Ryu in 2000 continuing the proud tradition of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo.  Master Taba's in-depth insight to the application of koryu waza (old style techniques) is the definitive element of Shogen-Ryu, passing on, uncorrupted, the knowledge taught to him by his Sensei, Hohen Soken, Choshin Chinban, & Shoshin Nagamine Sensei.   At the time of Shoshin Nagamine's death there was one senior active Hanshi in Matsubayashi (Shorin), Master Kensei Taba.   This site and Mr. Pilon pays homage to Master Kensei Taba's teachings, inspiration and wisdom.    

To say Shogen-Ryu is not Shorin is to show ignorance to the correct history of our art.   In simple form, the SHO kanji pays homage to the teachings and character of Shoshin Nagamine(as well as Hohen Soken & choshin Chinbana), the GEN kanji symbolizes 'the root' and adherence to the original teachings of Shorin finally the RYU kanji is for house or style.  Pine Forest, From the Root, Style/House.


SHO -              Matsu, Shorin Lineage, pays tribute to Shoshin Nagamine's Teachings and in his memory




GEN -              For the orgianl teaching os Shorin, from the truth of Shorin Art


RYU -              Our Style, or our house

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