Mr. Pilon's Resume

2022 Mr. Pilon travelled to Vancouver where Mestre Marcus Soares promoted Mr. Pilon to Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

2019 November - WMO Masters Division Champion Weapons, Silver Kata - Blackpool England

2018 October 3rd - Promoted to Brown Belt under Mestre Marcus Soares

2017 June 29th Co-Hosted Mestre Marcus Soares in Brantford with affiliate Professor Bryan Rumble of Team Carlson Gracie Canada

2017 June 24th - 25th 17 amazing hours of training with Top Five Original Carlson Gracie Seniors

2017 June 6th - 14th - Humbly Sponsored to teach and help build Shogen-Ryu in Ireland

2016 Fourth stripe Purple Belt - Mestre Marcus Soares

2015-17 WMO Canadian Championships Head Center Referee of all Forms and Fighting - Milton Ontario

2014 Dec Joined as a Referee into the  Martial Arts Referees Association (M.A.R.A)
2014 Oct 17th 6th Dan of Shogen Ryu Karate-do Recognized in Okinawa

2014 First stripe Purple Belt - Mestre Marcus Soares

2013 Charter President of the dojo Optimist Club of Strathroy
2013 Purple Belt - Mestre Marcus Soares

2012 - July 7th - Death of Mr. Kensei Taba 10th Dan Hanshi - Master to Mr. Pilon - Promotion to 6th Dan

2009-2010 - Organized the origin of Shogen- Ryu Karate-Do International Ltd. - President - Active

2009 & 2011 International Host to 2nd Shogen Ryu Karate-do President Mr. Kiyomasa Maeda 10th Dan
2008 - North American Director appointment by Grandmaster Kensei Taba
2007 - Sept-October International Guest of Mr. Kensei Taba - Okinawa Japan
2007 ICOAA WORLD Overall Silver Medalist Masters division - weapons /empty hand/sparring synchronized empty hand kata - CANCUN MEXICO
October 2006 North American Headquarters for the Okinawa Shogen Ryu Karate-Do Association - Canadian Director
2006 Mar 5th Dan Shogen Ryu - became Direct Student of Grand Master Kensei Taba 10th Dan Hanshi
2004 Blue belt in Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - 7th Dan Professor Soares
2004 & 06/07 - International Co-Host to 10th Dan Hanshi Mr. Kensei Taba
Oct 2002 4th Dan Shogen Ryu - Grandmaster Kensei Taba & Vern Tilley

2002 - Met 7th Dan Professor Marcus Soares - under former affiliate Chris Boreland Georgetown Ont
2001 3rd Dan Matsubayshi Ryu - Mr. Vern Tilley
2001 purple belt Pankration - under former affiliate Chris Boreland Georgetown Ont
1997 2nd Dan Okinawan Matsubayashi Ryu - Mr. Vern Tilley
1996 June opened Martial Arts Plus (Shogen-Ryu Karate-do International Ltd-2010)
1996 Team Canada Member - 5th place team kata / 4th place team sparring
1994 1st level black belt in Japanese Karate
1991-1993 Can/Am Points Champion Advanced Belts
1990-91 Can/Am Intermediate Points Champion
1990-1992 Perfect Tension Senior Racket Stringer/Owner

1990 - London/Forest City Marathon - 42Km - 3.32.10

1990 - 16Km/10 mile 56.21 - the Crim
YMCA Fitness Instructor
1990 Life Guard Certification YMC
1988 - Mile & 1/2 - 7:11 - Canadian High School record (hand time)