Mr. Pilon's Resume

2022 October 6th 20 years certified and direct student the late Grand Master Kensei Taba founder and 1st President of Shogen Ryu and only active student from the origainal 11 dojo from that tiime.

         August 17th to 31st Mr. Pilon travelled to Rio De Janeiro to attend Grande Mestre Marcus Soares diploma celebration to 9th Dan Red Belt which only 3 of the late Grande Mestre Carlson Gracie Sr. Students have achieved.  On this visit  Mr. Pilon met with 9th Dan Red Belt and Grande Mestre Hobson Gracie the head of the oldest Brazilain Jiu Jitsu Federation to receiced his Black Belt Diploma.

2021 December Mr. Pilon travelled to Vancouver where Mestre Marcus Soares promoted Mr. Pilon to Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

         September was the 35th year of martial arts training

         April 20th aniveresary of training Brazilain Jiu Jitsu Under Mestre Marcus Soares

2019 November - WMO Masters Division Champion Weapons, Silver Kata - Blackpool England

2018 October 3rd - Promoted to Brown Belt under Mestre Marcus Soares

2017 June 29th Co-Hosted Mestre Marcus Soares in Brantford with affiliate Professor Bryan Rumble of Team Carlson Gracie Canada

2017 June 24th - 25th 17 amazing hours of training with Top Five Original Carlson Gracie Seniors

2017 June 6th - 14th - Humbly Sponsored to teach and help build Shogen-Ryu in Ireland

2016 Fourth stripe Purple Belt - Mestre Marcus Soares

2015-17 WMO Canadian Championships Head Center Referee of all Forms and Fighting - Milton Ontario

2014 Dec Joined as a Referee into the  Martial Arts Referees Association (M.A.R.A)
2014 Oct 17th 6th Dan of Shogen Ryu Karate-do Recognized in Okinawa

2014 First stripe Purple Belt - Mestre Marcus Soares

2013 Charter President of the dojo Optimist Club of Strathroy
2013 Purple Belt - Mestre Marcus Soares

2012 - July 7th - Death of Mr. Kensei Taba 10th Dan Hanshi - Master to Mr. Pilon - Promotion to 6th Dan

2009-2010 - Organized the origin of Shogen- Ryu Karate-Do International Ltd. - President - Active

2009 & 2011 International Host to 2nd Shogen Ryu Karate-do President Mr. Kiyomasa Maeda 10th Dan
2008 - North American Director appointment by Grandmaster Kensei Taba
2007 - Sept-October International Guest of Mr. Kensei Taba - Okinawa Japan
2007 ICOAA WORLD Overall Silver Medalist Masters division - weapons /empty hand/sparring synchronized empty hand kata - CANCUN MEXICO
October 2006 North American Headquarters for the Okinawa Shogen Ryu Karate-Do Association - Canadian Director
2006 Mar 5th Dan Shogen Ryu - became Direct Student of Grand Master Kensei Taba 10th Dan Hanshi
2004 Blue belt in Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - 7th Dan Professor Soares
2004 & 06/07 - International Co-Host to 10th Dan Hanshi Mr. Kensei Taba
Oct 2002 4th Dan Shogen Ryu - Grandmaster Kensei Taba & Vern Tilley

2002 - Met 7th Dan Professor Marcus Soares - under former affiliate Chris Boreland Georgetown Ont
2001 3rd Dan Matsubayshi Ryu - Mr. Vern Tilley
2001 Purple belt Pankration - under former affiliate Chris Boreland Georgetown Ont
1997 2nd Dan Okinawan Matsubayashi Ryu - Mr. Vern Tilley - Met Grand Master Kensei Taba and Meada Sensei in World Matsubayashi Seminar in Toronto
1996 June opened Martial Arts Plus (Shogen-Ryu Karate-do International Ltd-2010)
1996 Team Canada Member - 5th place team kata / 4th place team sparring
1994 1st level black belt in Japanese Karate/Matsubayashi Ryu
1991-1993 Can/Am Points Champion Advanced Belts
1990-91 Can/Am Intermediate Points Champion
1990-1992 Perfect Tension Senior Racket Stringer/Owner

1990 - London/Forest City Marathon - 42Km - 3.32.10

1990 - 16Km/10 mile 56.21 - the Crim
YMCA Fitness Instructor
1990 Life Guard Certification YMCA
1988 - 2414m - 7:11 - PB & CHS record (hand time)