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August 26th & 27 2021 - We are hosting Mr. Vernon Tilley

                                                      7 PM - Finish - $55 per person per event.

                                                                Topic - Self Defense

March 16th 2021 - We are looking at adding more classes some to accommodate people who want to learn the Okinawan art of weaponry as well as to help keep with the Health Units requisition and safety of social distancing.  we thank you for the grow to the dojo in these trying times.

March 11th 2021 - we are involved in B.I.A. online campaign for consumer discounts and involvement.  this is a great opportunity to help support Strathroy.

March 1st - We would like to Officially congratulate David Jayaraj Sensei to the SKIL dojo Group as we continue to work to help him to promote Shogen Ryu Karate-do  in India as Grand Masters Kensei Taba Taught Mr. Pilon.

Mr. Jayaraj is a active 4th Dan and has been recognized  in a many different organizations but has been a member in good standings with an active dojo License since January 1st 2011.

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